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Security Services | Orissa | TID: 10529415
1 Repair To Wire Mesh Door Provided In The Residential Quarters. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Orissa | TID: 10554402
2 Auction Sale of Wfa/Gia/Spl.Gia/Nwg & Gos Mess U/S Store - Volley Ball Net Nylon, Volley Ball Nivia, Foot Ball , Foot Ball Shoes, Hockey Presto Stick, Basket Ball , Shuttle Cock, Hand Ball Cosco, Badminton Racket, Jogger Shoes, Badminton Net , Cricket Ball, Volley Ball Cosco, Carram Board Complete Set, Volley Ball Sporton, Volley Ball Net Cotton, Cricket Bat , Cricket Wicket , Gilli, Lawn Tennis Ball [3 Nos In Pkt], Kit Bag , Calling Bell (Cordless), Cool Key Water Jug, Flower Plastic, Plastic Bucket, Plastic Mug, Tea Filter Steel, Whisky Glass, Glass Borosil , Curtain Rings, Door Mat, Pillow Cover, Pillow, Towel, Naphkeen Cloth, Razai Cover, Mosquito Net Double, Audio Cassettes , Bed Sheet Double, Full Moulded Chair With Arms Vip Model, Stabilizer Se 540 Selton, Double Bed Sunmaika , Glass , Hot Case 3000 Ml Cap., Study Table , Samsung 3 Disk Changer Vidio Cd Player, Sony Vedio Cd System, Centre Table , Dressing Table S/Fitted, Darwing Room Table, Folding Table , Dinning Chair , Super Poly Cloth Track Suit, Short For Badminton, Quarter Plate, Cup With Ball Spoon, Jug Glass, Table Spoon, Feooep 7.12 Exide 4th Bn 5404284, Brass Flower Pot, Athletic Set Vest With Short , Plastic Round Table , Liberty Jungle Shose, Plastic Modern Chair , Plastic Chair Prima, Philips Colour Tv 21 Inch, Vip Reveling Chair Godrej Code Dth 70 Cm Width 70 Cm 123 Cm Seat Height 44 Cm Model No. 940, Dth Tata Sky, Dth Zee, Short For Hockey Player, Short For Football Player, Jercy For Hockey Goal Keeper , T- Shirt For Badminton, Black Board With Easle 6 Mm Ply S/Sqr, Badminton Net Nylon, Carrom Board Full Size, Basket Ball , Volley Ball , T.T. Ball, Lawn Tennis Net, Lawn Tennis Ball [ 03 Nos In Pkt], Cricket Ball, Pc [Lcd] Compaq 173ghz Dual Core 512mb Ram 160 Gb Hdd 15.4 Wide Screen, Dvd Rvv Colour Monitor With Key Bboard Optical Mouse [Photo Printer Free], Hp Desk Jet Colour Laser Printer 2600, Ups 60 V , Dot Matrix 9 Pin Printer, Basket Ball Ring Net , Spick Shoes Super Quality , Door Curtain Size 50 X130 Cm, Window Curtain Size 1.50 X 130 Cm, Volley Ball Leather Best Quality, Volley Ball Net Nylon , Volley Ball Nivia, Badminton Racket, Shuttle Cock Yonex, Shuttle Cock Plastic, 245 Coumo Tvs Dot Matrix Printer, Volley Ball Net Cotton , Table Cloth Woolen Blazer With Crpf Monogram And Unit, Bottom G/Zari, Sofa Arms Rest Cover, Carpet 9x10, Philips Colour Tv 14 Inch, Onida Colour Tv 14 Inch, Plastic Moulded Chair Vip, Philips Colour Tv 21’100programme Memory Fine Tunning, Plastic Sofa Chair Prima Relax, Plastic Moulded Dinning Table, V.C.D 3 Disk Samsung, Stabilizer Selton, 190 Db Boster Selton, Moulded Chair Haritage, Plastic (Moulded) D/Table, Plastic Chair Prima, Plastic Moulded With Arms, T- Shirt And Short, Lawn Tennis Rocket, Warm Up Shoes, Volley Ball Net, Cricket Bat, Wickets With Stamps, Cricket Ball, Basket Ball Ring 16 Mm , Light Weight Tt Bat, Skipping Rope S/ Quality, Lawn Tennis Ball [03 Nos In Pkt], Carrom Board Compt Set, Volley Ball Synthetic, Steel Thali Six Compartment , Steel Glass, Decoration Pol ‘T’ Type Hight, 4 Kva Stabilizer, Take Sofa Set With Pin Hole Wooden And Velvt Cloth, Pag Table S/M Fitted, Table S/M Fitted 4x3 , Side Table S/M Fitted 4x1x3 , Centre Table Top 4x2.5, Board S/M Fitted Size 6x2x2x3x4, Fiber Glass Tv Trolly , Flexible Wire In Coil, 10x8 Switch Board, Red Rope Light 40mm Leant , Dinner Set , Desert Cooler With Fan And Pump, Chest Jari With Crpf Monogram, Cable Wire Coil , Curtain Rod Set 3.5, Full Moulded Chair , Emergency Light, Colour Tv Philips 29 Inch With Remote Control, Exhaust Fan 300 Mm, Fe0dep T12 Excide 3504284, Tv Box Wooden , Matka Stand Double, Black Board, 06 Inch Gloves Complite With Goaler, White Colour Readymade Water Paint Of Match Cloth , Foot Ball Shoes Nivia, Socks Pairs, Shin Guard, Gloves For Goal Keeper , Badminton Racket, Woolen Carpet, Wipro Ex 330+3 Dot Matrix Printer , Banner For Valori Day , White Colour Readymade Water Coat Of Make Cloth, Water Cap Blue Colour , Coat Mirror Colour, Pagri Rajasthini, Door Curtain 2.5 M, Computer Set Without Printer, Volley Ball Synthetic Nivia, Lawn Tennis Ball [In Pkt 03 Nos], Foot Ball Cosco, Shuttle Cock, Lawn Tennis Ball, Short Put , Durries , Show Case Wooden, Wooden Rack, File Rack, Karahi Iran, Wooden Sale Center, Ceiling Fan, Gas Stove , Bpl 2 In One Tape Record, Brief Case Safari, Emergency Light, Onida Colour Tv, Kealvinator Freeze, Table Fan Usha, Pack Table, Gas Pipe In Mtr, Table Spoon, Table Lamp, Tube Light, Centre Table S/ Fitted, Spiking Connector, Aqua Guard W/Filter, Palta, Steel Ketli 2 Ltr, Stabilizer 90 To 290 Watt, Cordless Long Range Bell, Desert Cooler, Water Btl 25 Ltr, Gas Regulator For Cylinder, Plastic Bucker , Spoon Set, Fart Spoon, Service Spoon, Tea Pot Set , Plastic Mug, Medium Plate, Plastic Tray, Sony Colour TV, Gas Geyser, Zee Dth Complete Set, Desert Cooler, Pressure Cooker, Mixer Grinder , Plastic Chair , Plastic Table, Table Spoon , Steel Tray , Calculator, Thermos , Dth-Complete Set, T | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Aluminium | Orissa | TID: 10582532
3 Supply of Operator Chair For 8t Mukand Crane. | Due on 12-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Orissa | TID: 10597225
4 Enlist Suppliers Of Repute In Various Classes For General Orders – Hardware, Tool, Plumbing Supplies, Civil Work And Supplies, Electrical Supplies And Work, Steel Furniture, Wooden Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Furniture Repair/Caning, Miscellaneous Steel Construction/Repair, Miscellaneous Wood Construction/Repair, Plastic Material And Construction/Repair, Glass/Ceramic Material And Construction/Repair, Interior Decoration And Painting, Weighting Measuring Scales, Stationery Products, Academic Consumables, Paper, Printing, Books, Laboratory Chemical, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Consumables, Fire And Safety Materials, Small Mechanical Instruments, Mechanical Fabrication ( Fitting), Mechanical Fabrication Welding And Brazing, Mechanical Fabrication(Machining), Sheet Metal Work, Electrical Electronic Components, Large Electrical Fabrication, Electronics Fabrication, Computer Components, Computer Repair/ Maintenance, Computer Software Services, Automobile Parts, Transport Services, Food / Catering Services, Kitchen Equipment, Textile, Tailoring, Projection Equipment, Telephone And Communication Products, Cleaning Services, Gardening Services, Courier Services, Medicine, Medical Suppliesagricultural And Horticultural Products, Miscellaneous Products And Services, Security Services, Sports Goods, Xerox Equipment, Air-Conditioning Equipment, Graphic Designing. | Due on 16-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Aluminium | Orissa | TID: 10624997
5 Construction of Partition in the New Plant Office Building. | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Railways Transport Services | Orissa | TID: 10486640
6 Value: INR 23.54 Million (approx.) | Manufacture and supply of Special PSC Sleepers for Curves confirming to RDSO Drg. No. T-4183 to T-4186 with latest alterations. Specification IRS-T-39-1993 and of Oct 2003. | Due on 06-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Orissa | TID: 10517080
7 Value: INR 4.88 Million (approx.) | Repair to wire mesh door provide in the residential quarters.
Repairing of flooring of magazine building no 1214 & 1215.
Renovation / repair of floor and wall in IES change rooms and toilets of production unit.
Periodical services to building of unit 01, 02, 03 & 04.
Painting of compressed air lines, stock ades and bridges main line and inside the unit 01, 02, 03 & 07 and painting ac duct pipe lines and cooling tower structure provided at unit 01, 02, 04, 10 and 17.
| Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Railways Transport Services | Orissa | TID: 10521038
8 Value: INR 2.65 Million (approx.) | Miscellaneous Repairing Works Such As Arresting Of Roof Leakage, Wall Plastering, Flooring, Distempering, Doors And Windows Etc. Railway Hospital/JSG, CHI Office/JSG And MM School/JSG Under ADEN. | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Air Transport | Orissa | TID: 10573086
9 Value: INR 2.48 Million (approx.) | Construction of Airport Director Office in New Terminal Building at B.P. Airport.
Procurement of Furniture for APD office.
| Due on 28-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Orissa | TID: 10633621
10 Value: INR 1.44 Million (approx.) | Providing 2 nos welcome gate at TRL Chowk and at BOCM, LKPA. | Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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